domingo, 30 de outubro de 2011

The Dark Lights of Life

Contrasts are bright like serenity and dark like sorrow;
The bright smile of a groom, the dark eyes of a bride;
Bright like the emptiness of a well-lit room, dark like a mother's peaceful womb;
Dark like some loves and bright like some losses;
Or perhaps bright like a love in the dark, dark like a loss in daylight;
Dark like hours of anguish, bright like hours of anxiety;
Bright like a warm afternoon of sunlight in your cheeks;
Dark like cold nights of waiting and worries;
Bright like naivety and dark like the seriousness;
Dark speeches of leaders, bright whispers of teachers;
Bright in the colors of nature, dark in the colors of art;
The black, the white, red blood, navy-blue;
Tears of enjoyment, claps of fear;
A poem, my dear.

Rodrigo Aleixo.