sexta-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2015

Last Carnival

Once in a while we stumble upon something that can turn our world upside down.
Frowns become smiles, while some old smiles now frown to us, but we care no more.
People that we said to ourselves we'd never stop loving, even when we need to, we care no more.
Places that we said to ourselves we'd always revisit for they caused us a feeling of pertaining, we care no more.
Times that we said to ourselves we'd rather never forget are plunged deep down in our memories, buried underground and, for the first time, we care no more, as a matter of fact we now hope they'll soon fade, for they enchain painful others.
Life can and will be cruel to us countless times, and it will punch us, and make us suffer, and humiliate us, and make us doubt ourselves; but for all I care, I turn the other cheek, I keep living on and do not retaliate, I compromise, I go on.
All that said, I keep my dignity and my hands in my back pocket, because as one of my favourite artists taught me: 'what it all comes down to is that I haven't got it all figured out just yet.'
And I really think it's worth being around to make sure that happens, a little each day.

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