quarta-feira, 1 de junho de 2016

Of Hearts and Dreams

They say shattered dreams, because their shred's sharp edges pierce the soul and rip it down, tearing us apart, scarring from within. In a desperate attempt we turn the soul inside out, salvaging the other dreams, carefully stuffing them back in along with new ones. But we're unaware that once a soul has been flipped, the thread of life is no longer to be seen.

They say broken heart, because it once functioned fine, but then it stopped. Leaving all the happiness to be sought elsewhere, leaking sorrow from its veins, no repents, a lot of pain. So we wait for it to heal, but broken things don't heal. They need to be repaired, fixed, and once one does it, it will be prone to break more easily, for its durability has been damaged.

Rodrigo Aleixo

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